SV.CO Programme is a life long learning process through a journey where you explore new things in your life for the first time. Imagine you are climbing the Mt. Everest and to get there you have to pass through many camps.

Our programme is like a journey where you explore the world at multiple levels. 

Level 0 is like a basecamp where  you get to know the basics of the journey ahead of you. Test your skills to see whether this journey is right for you. 

Level 1 of your startup journey is about Idea Validation where you learn how to select an idea for your startup. This will have targets, sessions by experts which will help you choose an idea either from a repository of ideas or one of your own. 

Level 2 is deciding what you want to build. 

Level 3 is Building a alpha prototype and attend the SV.CO alpha launch.

Level 4 is acquiring first customer or users. The insights you gain from them are showcased to experts on the customers Insight Day. 

You have to built a fully functional prototype to move to Level 5 which is Graduation. 

Here you can continue to build your startup, pivot to a new idea or take up other graduation options. 

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