We have created a great online environment that gives you 4 key things

  1. Inspiration
  2. Guidance
  3. Content 
  4. Discussion 


External sessions from Industry leaders: We will provide talks from the best industry leaders, especially in the SaaS space. 


Targets: Guided step by step instructions on 'what to do next' to build a great startup.

Internal Sessions: They supplement target frameworks with more detail and guidance. 

Faculty Connect: Appointment system to ask doubts and get a clear roadmap quick.
See our list of faculties 

We will provide clear targets & feedback on submissions and verify them
We also provide active internal sessions & faculty for help


Startup Library: detailed original content that is directly relevant to targets.
See a sample of our startup library

Learn Sessions: bite-sized (<5min) screencasts on important elements.

We will provide great content in both the Library & Learn Sessions. We will not be exhaustive simply because the Internet always has everything you need to learn.


Public Slack: community support & engagement.
Join our public community to see how discussions happen 

Senior Support: close interactions with a Senior.

Buddy Support: regular conversations with a peer startup team.

We will facilitate interactions in Public Slack and make available buddies and seniors for you to discuss.

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