During Summer, one founder per team gets to visit valley representing their startup. The founder is chosen by the team themselves. 

This is applicable to the teams who have crossed Level 3 and are pursuing level 4 and above. (Learn more about Levels)

Its a 14 day trip where you get to:

a) Explore the silicon valley
b) Visit Incubators
c) Meet some experts, founders in the valley
d) Meet early stage startups
e) Visit key places like Stanford and UCB
f) Hangout spots and some fun 

We have multiple partners for this 

a) Official Host: Facebook HQ
b) Embassy: US Embassy
c) Stay: Menlo College 

The whole trip costs Rs 2.5 Lakhs which includes your travel and stay for the period of 14 days. 

We assure you official letters from SV.CO and US. 

Watch this video for more details

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