You need to have at least 2 members with a mix of these skills

  1. Engineering (software programming) 
  2. Design (UI, UX and Visual Design)  

The SV.CO program does not teach these skills and assumes that student founders are confident and capable enough to pick up these skills during the program.

If you lack a particular skill mentioned above, find a member who can fill in. We suggest you reach out to the right people in your friends circle, college clubs, hostels, coding communities, startup events etc. 

Can Startup Village help me form a team?

No, you'll have to find a team on your own. We can't form a team for you. That's because you'll have to work with your team for a long time and that doesn't work if you don't know them and can't gel well as a team. 

The best way to form a team is to ask your friends. Find people who have complementary skills: for e.g. if you are a coder, find somebody who can speak well and vice versa.

You can also try visiting local startup clubs, programming clubs in colleges, local startup events and co-working hubs to find co-founders. We also highly recommend networking with other colleges.

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