Code for a Purpose

Software is eating the world. Everything we build, from hardware projects to biotechnology, to the apps on your phone has code. Programmers have the real power to change the world, to build products that make a difference in real people’s lives. 

The brilliance of software is that it is infinitely malleable: it can be changed and tailored and updated so that it gets better every day. Use this superpower: start by solving a problem, figuring out a real need, and write code to solve this problem at scale. 

Use your Coding Skills to solve Real Problems

Everything you learn as Computer Science in college has real applications everywhere. How does Uber find the most efficient way to route a car during UberPOOL? How does Flipkart find you recommendations based on your previous purchases? How does PayTM recharge your phone instantly? How does Facebook work for a billion people?

What if you can build something similar in college? Instead of your boring cut-and-dry final-year project, build a product. Build a product that applies what you’ve learnt in as a programmer.

At Startup Village, we help you learn this method of building a product, while in college so that when you graduate, you have already solved real problems, build real products.

Get Feedback for your Projects from the Industry

As engineers, we’ll work on lots of tiny hacks and cool projects in college. We do this because it’s a lot of fun to solve interesting problems, learn cool new technology and contribute to interesting projects.

A lot of these projects fizzle out & go nowhere. A lot of the useful stuff we build does not get users. Most importantly, we do not get feedback from people who’d love to use, contribute to, or work on our weekend hacks. Such feedback is important because it lets us improve. 

Building a product that’s laser-focused on a real need that has the potential to attract users is great because it gives us immediate feedback. It's one of the most useful thing you can do as a developer in college.

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