SV.CO or Startup Village Collective is a community which support students to build a startup into a company. 

Founders of startups like Paytm, OYO Rooms and Freshworks, Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Industry Veterans like Kris Gopalakrishnan, Mohandas Pai, State Governments, Central Governments, City of Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, Universities like GTU , Academic Institutions like IIM-A and students who are building startups in college are all part of this community with the mission of creating an entrepreneurial culture in society. 

We are continuously building this community to add more value to the students.  

How we help students build companies?

We see building companies as a team game. Like football. 

What do you need to learn to play football?

  1. Rules of the game: One will never start playing football without knowing it is played by foot right? That will be real bad.
  2. A team: You can't play football alone. You need a team, each person in the team having different skills and roles. 
  3. Football and ground: Of course you will need a Football and a ground to start playing 

If you have all three you can start playing. And you improve your game by continuously playing. But then how do you become a professional?

4. Great environment: You will need an environment of professional football coaches and players who continuously inspires and guides you. This will help improve your game 10x faster. 

These same principles apply to the game of building companies 

You will need all the 4 to become a professional in the Game of building companies. 

  1. Rules of the game: Learn the only one rule of the game. Watch it here.
  2. Team: How to form a team? What are the roles in the team? Watch it here.
  3. Computer + Internet: Which you already have access to.
  4. Great environment: SV.CO provides you the right environment for you to build great software startups. See how we do that. 

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