Wondering what idea to work on?

We give a list of well-researched software product ideas to choose from to build your first internet business. 

Check out one of the sample ideas


Are you finding it hard to focus and build a great product sitting in the college environment?

We give you full-time access to an online environment that helps you build great products. Learn more about the program


Are you not able to afford costs for maintaining your product?

We offer free credits as you move through the programme

$2.5k worth of Google Cloud Platform credits
$500 worth of AWS credits
$100 worth of Digital Ocean credits
.CO web domain for 1 year


Are you wondering how and where to get internships during college? 

Students going through the programme get access to Internship opportunities in growing product companies.


If you are able to find initial customers for your product, we will help you get into Incubators, Accelerators and connect you to the right Investors.

Are you wondering how to get into growing product companies?

20+ product companies including Freshworks, Tally, OYO rooms hire students from the SV.CO programme.

 Read more about SV.CO internship and graduations.

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