We have 6 ways to graduate at SV.CO 

  1. Get Funded: We introduce you to investors and help you prepare well for the meetings. We ensure you are protected and hand held you while you close the deal.
  2. Get into an Accelerator: We introduce you to some best accelerators in the country and help you apply to the global ones. We shall provide any assistance during the process to make the process smooth and coach you if in need of anything.
  3. Get Acqui-Hired: Our startups have a high chance of taking this graduation outcome. Previously, teams have shown unity and decided to work together post their startup journey with SV.CO. These are teams who made a product and built technical skills but could not acquire customers due to various reasons. 
  4. Get a Job: This is another outcome which you can explore at SV.CO. We introduce you to the best startups in the country for some awesome positions which is difficult to attain as a campus fresher or otherwise. The skills you gain during the program and our network of partners help you land a great job that you would love to have post your college. 
  5. Become self sustainable: If you startup is making enough revenues to sustain the operations cost and are sustainable as a company you can choose to opt for this graduation outcome. This rarely happens in SaaS sector but you could be one. 
  6. Go for Higher studies: Some students wish to pursue further education but due to the experience they had with the startup and our recommendation letters adding to the profile helps the students to apply with a strong profile for a MS/ MBA. 

Graduations happen after the Silicon Valley trip where the teams are put into different outcomes as per their wish and hand held from coaching, providing you with enough resources and introduction to our partners for graduations. 

This is generally a month long process and you are requested to attend the startup offices for interviews. 

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